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Student Support Department (SSD)

The SSD serves the students of the LAYC Career Academy by providing students with the skills and knowledge that will support and guide students in their journey to become productive and responsible students, employees and citizens in their communities. The SSD is made up of Student Support Specialists (S3), Electives Coordinator, Master of Social Work Interns and community partners through various grants.

The S3 student relationship allows students to have one identified staff person they can go to when they are in need. The S3s are present to work with students in a partnership, providing ongoing motivation and support to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

The SSD is a place where students can go when they are in need of services, a safe place to talk and a place to refocus. The SSD is not to be abused and is not a place to hang out when students do not want to be in class. Students should stay in the SSD office for no more than ten minutes unless a scheduled meeting is taking place.

In addition to the above, S3s provide the following services:

  • Support students on caseload
  • Consistently establish effective rapport with students
  • Assure continuing awareness of school policies
  • Communicate necessary information to students, colleagues, and families, where applicable, regarding student progress and student needs
  • Consult with instructors, school staff, and administrators regarding the studentís social and emotion needs
  • Identify and host workshops that would benefit studentsí emotional/ behavioral growth while encouraging success and enhance student life and culture
  • Crisis intervention
  • Home visits
  • Uniform distribution
  • Transportation assistance
  • College and career counseling
  • Financial aid
  • Assistance with documentation such as residency
  • Other supports as needed


The SSD provides individual counseling to students in need upon request. In addition to the Community Schools counselor that provides services on a weekly basis, LAYCCA receives support through Catholic Universityís Master of Social Work Interns. The interns are present three times a week to offer individual and group services. Students are identified by S3s for services.

Elective Classes.

The SSD develops non-cognitive skills to cultivate tenacity and persistence through the offerings of Breakthrough (elective) classes. The classes are required for all students and are built into their daily schedules. Some classes being offered include yoga, rap, poetry, music, capoeira, healthy cooking, fitness and art. In addition to Breakthrough classes, students participate in Life Skills courses based on the curriculum, Overcoming Obstacles, which teach skills that empower students to use their past as a motivator towards success..

The LAYC Career Academy is now open in the Columbia Heights neighborhood with an enrollment of 200 students.

Free Breakfast and Lunch

LAYC Career Academy food service program provides a free breakfast and lunch to all students in accordance with Federal Law and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy. LAYC Career Academyís meals are provided by Top Spanish Cafť and Catering.

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Lead Water Testing Results

LAYC Career Academy provides free filtered water stations for students, staff, and visitors. In addition, the water has been tested for lead, as can be seen in the results below:

The LAYCCA PCS is open to any resident of the District of Columbia between the ages of 16 and 24. LAYC Career Academy PCS prohibits discrimination on the basis of a studentís race, color, religion, national origin, language spoken, intellectual or athletic ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, or status as a student with special needs.