Prep for State High School Diploma/GED

Do you want to earn your State High School Diploma/GED to prepare for college and/or a career?

We offer students the preparation, guidance and support necessary to successfully pass the exams necessary in attaining the General Education Development (GED) certificate in either English or Spanish. Students study GED content and skills in their classes. The Career Academy offers free financial assistance to those students who pass the practice test when they register for the official GED. The Career Academy also has daily tutoring available to further strengthen any weak subject areas.

Our tuition-free classes can help you achieve your goals, whether you want to get a higher education degree, provide for your family, or be promoted at your current job.

LAYC Career Academy has earned a Tier 1 (Highest Level) score on its GED programming for the last two years.

Student learning at LAYC Career Academy