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We envision a future in which all youth in the District of Columbia will launch a career with opportunities for advancement, and become engaged members of the community.

LAYC Career Academy engages and empowers young people between the ages of 16 and 30 by providing a college preparatory education, career training in high-growth occupations and/or college-credit classes. We prepare students with industry training while helping to award industry recognized certifications.




Would you like to secure a career in the rapidly growing, high paying  technology field?

Our Information Technology program will allow you to develop valuable career experience while building credentials within your field. Students and graduates are given access to many resources. In addition, our instructors will give the hands-on experience necessary to be successful in this particular field. The IT program also assists with externship placement AND job placement.

Do you wish to get your foot in the door as a healthcare professional? 

The Career Academy Medical Assistant (MA) program is designed for students who have a desire to work with doctors and other health professionals in a clinical setting.

Are you interested in broadening your options through earning free college credits?

LAYCCA prepares students interested in a postsecondary degree by providing academic coursework intended to ensure their success in college. As participants in the College Pathway, students earn college credits through the Dual Enrollment Program. Dual Enrollment students take courses through our partnerships with Bard College and the University of the District of Columbia Community College. The courses are at NO cost to the student. Students may also do this in conjunction with the Medical Assistant or Information Technology Pathway programs.

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