Our Mission


LAYC Career Academy engages and empowers older youth and young adults by providing a college preparatory education, career training in high-growth occupations and/or college-credit classes.


We envision a future in which all youth and young adults have a successful pathway to college and careers with opportunities for advancement and become engaged members of the community.


I AM: I am a member of the LAYC Career Academy Community

GRACIOUS: I am humble and appreciative of the opportunities provided for success. I am willing to help others on their journey

RESPECTFUL: I am empathetic to the personal struggles of all whom I encounter: myself, my peers, and my community

EXCELLENT: I perform to the best of my ability at all times, motivated both in and out of  the classroom

AMBITIOUS: I constantly challenge myself to grow personally and professionally, despite what obstacles may arise.

TENACIOUS: I am committed to overcoming any obstacle in my path and determined to achieve high standards in all aspects of my life .



At LAYC Career Academy PCS, we believe that…

…all students can take ownership of their learning and invest in their future.

…all students deserve a clean slate and the opportunity to be a successful professional.

…addressing the distinct learning needs of all students is essential to their academic success.

…empathetic relationships built on trust create a safe environment essential to students’ scholarly and socio-emotional growth.

…a diverse, respectful community empowers students’ identities while supporting equity.