Medical Assistant

LAYCCA Medical Assistant Training Program Overview

The LAYCCA Medical Assisting Program will provide students with the
appropriate didactic theory and hands-on skills required and necessary,
to prepare them for entry level positions such as clinical or
administrative assistant, medical receptionist, and medical insurance
biller. Students will study the structure and functions of the major
body systems in conjunction with medical terminology, diagnostic and
therapeutic procedures, computer skills, administrative processes,
bookkeeping and accounting practices, and the process of medical
insurance forms and claims.

The program is comprised of 880 hours (720 classroom + 160 externship).
The program will be taught Monday – Thursday from 9 am to 1:55 pm for
10 months, in accordance with the LAYC Career Academy academic calendar.

For more information contact the Medical Assistant Program Director.

LAYC Career Academy’s Medical Training Program opens doors for a diverse population of students to become successful healthcare professionals!

% of Student Retention

% of graduates enrolled in college or employed