Meet the Staff

Nicole Hanrahan_Executive Director_LAYC Career Academy

Nicole Hanrahan

Executive Director

Dr Jacqueline Fernandez School Principal Portrait photo in red blazer at LAYC Career Academy LAYCCA

Dr. Jacqueline Fernandez

School Principal

Bernadette Kreh, Director of Operations and Communications, LAYC Career Academy

Bernadette Kreh

Director of Operations and Communications

Ivette Cruz - Director of Academics

Ivette Cruz

Director of Academics

Dr Brian Sevier, Medical Assistant Program Director, LAYC Career Academy, Medical, Medical assistant, medicine, education, dc

Dr. Brian Sevier

Medical Assistant Program Director

Abner Soto IT Program Coordinator

Abner Soto

IT Program Director

Ashley McQueen, LAYC Career Academy Registrar

Ashley McQueen

Registrar/Executive Assistant to ED

Steven Blanco - Recruitment Specialist

Steven Blanco

Recruitment Specialist

Erin Tarpley, Academic Support Coordinator, LAYC Career Academy

Erin Tarpley

Data Manager

Nicolas Matheus - CCA Coordinator and Instructor, LAYC Career Academy

Nicolas Matheus

Academic Support Coordinator

Tony Duran, Teaching and Learning Specialist

Tony Duran

Teaching and Learning Specialist

Corey Carroll, Reading and Social Studies Instructor

Corey Carroll

GED Reading/Writing/SS Instructor

Martha Sanchez - SPED Coordinator and Instructor

Martha Sanchez

Special Education Coordinator/Instructor

Ericka Rivera, SPED Paraprofessional, LAYC Career Academy

Ericka Rivera

SPED Paraprofessional

Alain Carbajal, Math and Science Instructor, LAYC Career Academy

Alain Carbajal

Math/Science Instructor

Leslie Douglas, ELL Instructor, LAYC Career Academy

Leslie Douglas

ELL Instructor

Ariel Berroa - ELL Support Specialist

Ariel Berroa

ELL Support Specialist

Dedria Harrod, Director of Student Support, LAYC Career Academy

Dedria Harrod

Director of Student Support

N'kosi Ayize - Student Support Specialist

N’Kosi Ayize

Student Support Specialist

Cristal Flores, Student Support Specialist

Cristal Flores

Student Support Specialist

Monica Santos, Student Support Specialist

Monica Santos

Student Support Specialist

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Erica Lloyd, Director of College and Career Access

Erica Lloyd

Director of Career and College Access