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The LAYC Career Academy is a public charter school that offers students literacy skills, college credits and career training free of charge. We fund the school budget through the generosity of individuals, foundations, government and organizations that feel passionately about our mission.

Your gift helps our students…

Overcome Obstacles: One third of our students are young parents, 15% are homeless or in foster care, and more than 90% qualify for free school lunch. Our students need extra support to do things like find a home or identify childcare so that they can focus on their studies and graduate.

Prepare for and start college: Our average student enters the school with a 6th grade reading level and leaves with six college credits. Our students need talented teachers, small classes, one-on-one tutoring, and access to technology to make this dramatic leap.

Training for a strong career: Students leave our school and start careers in the fast-growing fields of Information Technology and Healthcare with annual starting salaries of $30,000 to $45,000. We need state of the art technology and talented IT and Healthcare teaching professionals to help our students start their professional careers.

Your support of….

$2,400 can help one student receive comprehensive student support for an entire year.

Each LAYC Career Academy scholar is assigned to a Student Support Specialist (S3) who is with that student from the first day of school through one year after graduation. S3s help students find safe housing and quality childcare, overcome challenges with family responsibilities, and pay for transportation costs so that they can focus on their professional and academic dreams

$1,100 pays for Medical Assistant instruction for one student for one trimester.

Students can elect to become a Medical Assistant at the LAYC Career Academy and, with continued education, become nurses, doctors or administrators. We need medical and lab equipment, internship stipends, textbooks and a talented staff to prepare our students for this field.

$650 helps one student pay for transportation to and from school for an entire trimester.

Many of our students take multiple buses and trains to get to school and drop their children off at daycare. This can cost more than $10 per day, which is much more than they can afford. Your transportation donation makes it possible for students to get to school each day.

$109 helps one student receive his or her first IT certification exam, the IC3 exam.

IT is one of the fastest growing fields in the metro area, and we are preparing students for these jobs. However, we need computers, internship stipends, testing fees, and a talented staff to make this happen.

In Kind Gifts

  • Any general school or office supplies- pens, pencils, highlighters, dry erase markers, erasers, paper, staplers, 3 hole punches, etc.
  • Pants for uniforms. Tan, brown, navy, black khaki pants are needed in all men’s and women’s adult sizes.
  • Books. Any books would be helpful. We need fiction for studying text features and non-fiction for general student reading. We need ALL reading levels- childhood through adult.
  • Professional Clothes and shoes – all adult sizes. Especially pants.
  • Plastic clothes hangers
  • Projectors (less than three years old and in good condition)
  • Smartboards
  • Copy machine (less than three years old and in good condition)
  • Scanners (less than three years old and in good condition)
  • Photo Printer (less than three years old and in good condition)
  • Legos
  • Board games
  • Playing cards
Free Medical Assistant training AND Certification. LAYC Career Academy also helps with internship placement and job placement.

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