Meet Our  Heroes – Career Academy IT Students Helping Their Peers Amidst Pandemic!

Meet Our Heroes – Career Academy IT Students Helping Their Peers Amidst Pandemic!

LAYC Career Academy Alumni Tatiana Contreras and Anthony Toyos repair computers for their school community amidst a global pandemic.


For those of you in need of some good news in 2020, the LAYC Career Academy students can deliver just that! Our school’s IT students and alumni heroically donned their masks to upgrade, repair, and install software on donated computers needed by 60% of Career Academy students to participate in distance learning.


Anthony Toyos, a 2019 IT alumnus, repaired more than 50 computers for his peers.  He repaired 25 on site and took another 30 home where he replaced aging hard drives and upgraded the RAM.


Anthony Toyos, LAYC Career Academy Alumni“It feels awesome to give someone a computer that I fixed and to know that they really needed the laptop and were going to use it well.

I know what it feels like to really need a laptop and to not have one.  It felt wonderful to be able to do something I am good at and to be able to give back to the people who helped me so much.”



In addition to Anthony’s hard work, Career Academy students and alumni Jarrell Campbell, Tatiana Contreras, Terrance Jackson, Oscar Perez, were the first to raise their hands to help their fellow students.


We are working to ensure that 2021 will bring fewer hardships and more opportunities for our community. With your support, the Career Academy stands ready to offer educational and career pathways for our students, young people 16-24, who are too often overlooked in the District of Columbia. Our good work has been recognized by the Catalogue for Philanthropy as one of the best nonprofits in the region to support.


This holiday season, give back to your community and support students like Anthony! Gifts can be mailed directly to LAYC Career Academy, 3224 16th Street NW, Washington DC 20010 or submitted online here.


Your gift is truly appreciated. Thank you for your generosity, and best wishes for the holidays!



Nicole Hanrahan
Co-Founder and Executive Director


LAYC Career Academy alumnus, Anthony Toyos, repairs devices for his school community amidst pandemic.