Virtual Virtuoso: Ana G. Méndez University Deploys IT Intern with Remote Supervisor to Meet IT Needs

Virtual Virtuoso: Ana G. Méndez University Deploys IT Intern with Remote Supervisor to Meet IT Needs

Written by: Dr. Andrea Elganzoury

When IT Pathway student, Tatiana Contreras saw the job description for her internship at Ana G. Méndez University (SUAGM) north of D.C., she was admittedly overwhelmed. Not only would she be working as an IT Support Specialist for all of the campus’ staff and students, she would also be remotely supervised from Orlando. Any apprehension melted away as Tatiana dove in and became a valuable staff member. Her rigorous IT training at Career Academy, which included CompTIA A+, 14 other IT certifications and her title of 2018 Certiport District of Columbia Microsoft Office Specialist Champion, more than prepared her for the job ahead.

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Under the remote guidance of SUAGM’s Technology Director, she embraced her role as an IT Support Specialist. He conducted their weekly check-ins using Zoom, a platform that allowed for them to meet face-to-face through videoconferencing and develop a strong professional relationship from states away. Tatiana’s on-campus manager noted her high caliber of professional behavior with staff, as they contacted her for a wide array of IT issues. The whole campus knew they could ask her about anything IT-related and receive prompt and effective service.

At Ana G. Méndez University, Tatiana:

  • Resolved hardware and software issues for staff and students
  • Updated campus technology in all classrooms and the Learning Resource Center
  • Supported an upgrade of university ID cards
  • Coordinated remotely via Zoom with other IT Support Specialists to troubleshoot issues
  • Organized a support mechanism for staff to combat issues with the campus scanning system
  • Completed all assigned tasks in a timely manner and always reported back upon completion

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Tatiana has followed in the footsteps of many talented IT students. For almost a decade, Career Academy IT interns, like Tatiana have had an edge that makes them successful: skills and flexibility. In these uncertain times as schools and companies find themselves shifting operations online, Career Academy has the IT talent needed to support these transitions and to troubleshoot the technology issues that naturally follow. We currently have students and alumni ready to work.


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